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Streams, Torrents, and Waves

by Nahed Mansour

South Asian Visual Arts Centre, 2013

Monitor 9, SAVAC's eighth annual screening of contemporary South Asian film and video offers a curated glimpse into the vast amount of work being created by South Asian artists internationally.

Streams, Torrents, and Waves brings together eleven video art works that speak to bodies in flow. Drawing on Arjun Appadurai's notion of global flows, these videos examine bodies negotiating the various mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes, ethnoscapes, and ideoscapes shaping each artist's specific context. Narrative styles include experimental documentary, story-telling through performance, use of digital technologies to assert identities, and commentary on the shifting visibility of subjects. An engagement with varied migrations serves as a focal point for these currents.

ITEM 2013.106 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

passivity from passivusJude Anogwih

Buy This (v3)Kooj (Kuljit) Chuhan

Treasure Hill CamouflageSo-Jin Chun

DesireAshim Halder Sagor

A Ripe VolcanoTaiki Sakpisit

InkSmriti Mehra

InkMatt Lee

look_im_aznNguyen Tan Hoang

Coming OutElisha Lim

City BeyondShreyasi Kar

Reality DysfunctionedAhmed Faizan Naveed

Last SyllablePavitra Wickramasinghe