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The Video Closet: Nollywood's Gay-Themed Movies

by Lindsey Green-Simms and Unoma Azuah

Transition, 2012, no. 107, pp. 32-49

"The Video Closet" is a study of lesbian and gay cinema in the Nigerian cinema industry, Nollywood. In an oppressively homophobic society like Nigeria, queer stories have begun to pop up in their popular home videos. The phenomenon studied here has to do with the fact that the films are clearly not made for a queer audience. Instead, it is the straight population who are viewing and making the popular films. These films are frequently shown as hegemonic works, wherein the acts of homosexuality are condemned, but the writers wish to understand why these films became popular so suddenly.

ITEM 2012.090 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Mr Ibu and KeziahAndy Chukwu

Emotional CrackLancelot Imasuen

Emem Isong

Beautiful FacesKabat Esosa Egbon

Women's AffairsAndy Chukwu

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Dirty Secret