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Animutations and the Measure of Madness in Colin

by James King

Broken Pencil, 2005, no. 29, pp. 84-85

Animutations are bizarre and humour filled video animation remixes of pop culture references found on the Internet. With seemingly limitless amounts of images and sounds available on the web, people like 13 year old Neil Cicierega are transforming them into hilarious video collages meant to push the limits of absurdity. The author, James King, argues that these animations are the new burlesque, in that they are a pastiche of styles and references that can either invoke nostalgia or be enjoyed for their own sake, without any prior understanding or knowledge needed. For the "cyber-junkie," these animutations are a perfect way to turn hours of Internet surfing into something creative, best enjoyed at 3am alone in your room.

ITEM 2005.213 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Neil Cicierega