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Video Art/Performance: A Border Theory

by Johannes Birringer

Performing Arts Journal, Sept. 1991, v. 13, no. 3, pp. 54-84

The author analyzes video as a post-modern electronic medium which is free of modern traditions, techniques and genres. This pronouncement is used to study video's history, as well as its connections to other artistic media, especially performative art forms and sculpture. This essay also looks at the history of video with a speculation towards its future, and contains information on a vast variety of video art works.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

CentersNam June Paik

Command PerformanceVito Acconci

Split Reality/Zeit und Gegenzeit/Interrupted MovementVito Acconci

Die Praxis des LebensValie Export

Nightsea CrossingValie Export

Wipe CycleMarina Abramovic

Live/Taped Video CorridorFrank Gillette & Ira Schneider

Total RecallBruce Naumann

Board RoomGretchen Bender

HeuschreckenAntonio Muntadas

Surname: Viet, Given Name: NamWolf Vostell

Fin de Siecle IIUlrike Rosenbach

Room for Saint John of the CrossTrinh T. Minh-ha

PM MagazineNam June Paik

Damnation of FaustBill Viola

Les Larmes d'AcierDara Birnbaum

VictoriaDara Birnbaum

When the World was FlatMarie Jo Lafontaine

Plus UltraMarie Jo Lafontaine

OikonomosTerry Berkowitz

Francesc Torres

Francesc Torres