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Assembled in the Light: Louidgi Beltrame and a Fiction of the Modern

by Lisa Steele

Canadian Art, Fall 2013, pp. 154-157

In 2002, artist Louidgi Beltrame was invited to do a residency at Toronto's Vtape, during which he produced and exhibited Vertical Island (2003). In April 2013, Beltrame was invited to return to toronto and present Brasilia/Chandigarh (2008). Two dream cities by two world-famous architects. Now, almost a half-century later, both cities lie uneasily in the landscape like concrete memorials to the ideals of their creators; gestures of post-colonial independence and visions of future national identities lie unrealized. As three fictional characters roam restlessly through these two enormously grand signs of modernity, the geometries of Brasilia and Chandigarh coalesce into the fabric of the film Brasilia/Chandigarh.

ITEM 2013.115 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Brasilia/ChandigarhLouidgi Beltrame

Oscar Niemeyer

Le Corbusier

CinelandiaLouidgi Beltrame