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David Askevold: Once Upon a Time in the East

by Jane Affleck

C Magazine, Fall 2013, no. 119, pp. 57-58

This article is a review of the David Askevold retrospective that was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia from April 13th to May 7th, 2013. The show comprised sculpture, found photographs, and stills from many of Askevold's video projects. Askevold was known to have an interest in game theory, and Affleck argues that the exhibition as a whole could be viewed as reflecting on games and notions of play. While Askevold did not aim to be a conceptual artist, some of his photography work is reminiscent of early American conceptual art. Affleck argues that Askevold's video work is proof that he was executing conceptual notions. Unlike some early conceptual artists' work, however, Affleck argues, Askevold's pieces require considerable intellectual engagement to be fully understood.

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