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Images Festival

by Cotter Sam

C Magazine, Fall 2013, no. 119, pp. 50, 53-54

A review of the Off Screen and Live Images portion of the 2013 Images Festival, this article touches on a number of video installations that were shown at the festival, including Andrea Geyer's Sound Giving Will Feeling (an insistent entity reached) and Three Chants Modern, Alejandro Cesarco's The Reader, Jean-Paul Kelly's Service of the goods, as well as Kelly's two-channel video Movement in Squares.

ITEM 2013.122 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Sound Giving Will Feeling (an insistent entity reached)Andrea Geyer

Three Chants ModernAndrea Geyer

The ReaderAlejandro Cesarco

Service of the goodsJean-Paul Kelly

Movement in SquaresJean-Paul Kelly