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Pablum For The Pablum Eaters

by A.A. Bronson

Video by Artists, 1976, pp. 196-200

Toronto: Art Metropole, 1976

This article situates the artists and arts organizations practicing in the area of art activity known as the "subliminal," in the context of art history.

ITEM 1976.007 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

General Idea

Ray Johnson

Robert Filliou

Western Front (Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, Eric Metcalfe and Kate Metcalfe (Dr. & Lady Brute), Glen Lewis (Flakey Rose-Hips))

The DeccadanceKerry Kelowna

Surfacing on the Subliminal, Part 1Dr. Brute (Eric Metcalfe)

The Deccadance: Art's Stars in HollywoodDr. Brute (Eric Metcalfe)

1974 Civic Election In VancouverMr. Peanut (Vincent Trasov)

My Five Years in a NutshellMr. Peanut (Vincent Trasov)

Cadillac RanchAnt Farm (Chip Lord, Doug Michaels, and Curtis Schreier)

Media BurnAnt Farm (Chip Lord, Doug Michaels, and Curtis Schreier)