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Adapting Sufism to Video Art: Bill Viola and the Sacred

by Ziad Elmarsafy

Alif, 2008, no. 28, pp. 127-149

The author analyzes Bill Viola's usage of religious iconography and themes, specifically those prevalent in Sufism, as an overarching theme in the majority of his work and how he uses these concepts to study individualism, the human body and other aspects of the human condition.

ITEM 2008.186 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The PassingBill Viola

Nantes TriptychBill Viola

Going Forth by DayBill Viola

I Do Not Know What It Is I Am LikeBill Viola

The Space Between the TeethBill Viola

Chott El-DjeridBill Viola

The MessengerBill Viola

The Fall into ParadiseBill Viola

The VeilingBill Viola

To Pray without CeasingBill Viola

He Weeps for YouBill Viola

Slowly Turning NarrativeBill Viola

The SleepersBill Viola

Ocean without a ShoreBill Viola