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In Search of Global Perception: The aesthetics of communications

by Derrick de Kerckhove

nexpress, Winter 1988, pp. 12-15

Derrick de Kerckhove discusses the impact of mass communication technologies such as television, radio and video on our individual and global psychology. de Kerckhove discusses the rapid changes in our understanding of private/public, instantaneous communication, technology as extensions of our senses and other pertinent questions surrounding new technologies in the 1980s. de Kerckhove also discusses the role of the artist during this time.

ITEM 1988.142 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The artistic square yardFred Forest

Strategic Arts Initiative

Sherry Rabinowitz

Kit Galloway

Norman White

Doug Back

Graham Smith

Very Nervous SystemDavid Rokeby

Body LanguageDavid Rokeby

TransatlanticDavid Rokeby

Very VividFrank McDougall


Histoire sans parolesMerinat Scher

Christiane Scher

Messages aux extra-terrestresJean-Marc Philippe

Light Ruby FalsJoe Davis

hole in space

Transatlantic Armwrestling