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Geography, diaspora and the art of dialogism Jamelie Hassan

by Mireya Folch-Serra

Parachute, Apr. 1998, v. 90, pp. 10-17

The writer discusses how Jamelie Hassan's exhibition Aldin's Gift unites times and spaces, creating a bridge between epochs, creators, and spectators. The works consider the exploration of narrative and cultural translation through an intertwining of texts, artifacts, and images from various cultures with personal history and lived experience. In Boutros Al Armenian/Mediterranean Modern, the narrator (Canadian/Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan), Hassan (as a Canadian/Lebanese artist), and the protagonist Boutros (an Armenian itinerant painter who found refuge in 1920s Lebanon) become indistinguishably united in a “congealed event.” Folch-Serra explores how such intersections between place and history articulate both a Bakhtinian notion of the chronotope and Bhabha's concept of the interstitial space.

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Boutros Al Armenian / Mediterranean ModernJamelie Hassan