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Chronotopic Bodies and the We of Aesthetic Discourse

by Miriam Jordan

London: Blue Medium Press, 2010

Jordan provides a close analysis of Hassan’s video works in the context of Bakthin’s theories on self-other relationships. Through the juxtaposition of a mixture of genre and form - children’s toys and impressions of war, historical and personal imagery - Hassan’s work emphasizes the dialogical relationship between people. The works thereby effectively invoke in the viewer a sense of answerability, responsibility, and complicity. Hassan calls the spectators to account for the way in which their opinions are formed and how these inform their interaction with the world.

ITEM 2010.130 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Olives for PeaceJamelie Hassan

The WellJamelie Hassan

Palestine's ChildrenJamelie Hassan

Boutros Al Armenian / Mediterranean ModernJamelie Hassan

Les langues du mondeJamelie Hassan

Topsy Turvy LandJamelie Hassan

Meeting NasserJamelie Hassan

The Oblivion SeekersJamelie Hassan

Mom, You're Gonna Blow ItJamelie Hassan

HybridJack Chambers