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Video Space: A Site for Choreography

by Douglas Rosenberg

Leonardo, 2000, v. 33, no. 2, pp. 275-280

Video artist Douglas Rosenberg describes the phenomenon of "video dance," or dance created specifically to be recorded with video technology. The author describes video dance as site-specific work with the site being the space of the video itself. Video dance is not a mere documentation of dance. Instead, the author says that the "architecture" of video, i.e. its technical and aesthetic features, meaningfully contribute to the work.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

A Study in Choreography for CameraMaya Deren

Yellow River (Hwang Ho)Li Chiao-Ping

Yellow River (Hwang Ho)Douglas Rosenberg

JuiceMeredith Monk

Needle Brain Lloyd and the Systems KidMeredith Monk

Bardo (in extremis)Douglas Rosenberg

Bardo (in extremis)Molissa Fenley

Outside InMargaret Williams

Blue StudioMerce Cunningham



WindDouglas Rosenberg

My Grandfather DancesAnna Halprin

My Grandfather DancesDouglas Rosenberg

Singing Myself a LullabyEllen Bromberg

Singing Myself a LullabyJohn Henry

Singing Myself a LullabyDouglas Rosenberg

Blue StudioCharles Atlas

Beach Birds for CameraElliot Caplan

Points in SpaceMerce Cunningham

Points in SpaceElliot Caplan

Beach Birds for CameraMerce Cunningham

De L'EauDouglas Rosenberg

De L'EauLi Chiao-Ping

De L'EauTim Glenn