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Four Essays on the Occasion of the Robert Lee Spotlight

by Steve Reinke

Images Festival 2005, 2005, pp. 70-73

In this brief but dense, self-reflexive, essay, stylized as four short essays, Steve Reinke writes about the work of his friend Robert Lee. At the same time, he questions and goes directly against the apparently simple purpose of his essay. For instance, Reinke is not strictly the author of the essays - many of them include long quotations from other authors. He also does not exactly write about the videos that will feature in the program. He explains that he has not seen any of the videos featured in the program and that they are not yet finished at the time of writing. While he personally knows Robert Lee, he also writes about the inaccessibility of Lee's work, and his reluctance to publicly comment on it. The essay is a creative response to Lee's work expressing the paradoxical spirit of the film program itself: a simultaneous retrospective and premiere of Lee's re-edited and remade films.

ITEM 2005.215 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Capitale de la douleurRobert Lee

AK47Robert Lee

Minima MoraliaRobert Lee

Grand GuignolRobert Lee

MyopiaRobert Lee

Incidence of Storage SpaceRobert Lee