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Images of Intermedia: 13th Annual Images Festival of Independeent Film and Video

by Laura U. Marks

Afterimage, July 2000, v. 28, no. 1, p. 5

Laura U. Marks reviews the 13th Annual Images Festival of Independent Film and Video. She draws attention to its success in achieving a multifaceted program that combines theatrical screenings with installations, performances and conferences, and in doing so accurately reflects the intermedia media moment in which the festival is positioned. Marks discusses programmer Mike Hoolboom's decision to include a broad range of pre-1997 experimental video (and film) work. Marks explains this curatorial act as exhibiting the most successful rather than the most recent work and thereby drawing attention to the lack of exposure the medium of video receives as a whole. In addition, Marks does an in-depth review of works and programs on the schedule that range across disciplines and themes to account for the diversity of the festival, and argue for the necessity to attend it in person.

ITEM 2000.158 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

A Stereoscopic SeanceZoe Beloff


Head JumperLeo Schatzl

The Appearance Machine: An Autonomous System for Music and Language CompositionWilly Le Maitre and Eric Rosenzweig

Barbara Sternberg

Artavazd Peleshian

Phoenix TapesChristoph Giradet and Matthias Muller

The RefrigeratorAhn Young-seok

LinkKang Man-jin

Suicide NoteLee Hyung-gon

Hair PieLex Vaughn and Allyson Mitchell

One Last TrickRed Smarteez

ProcessMadi Piller

ASCII AlphabetDorion Berg

Audition #37Michelle Kasprazak

Image no.1Jonathan Plante

WorkKika Thorne

Hello Ingmar? Have You Seen Me? (A Pilgrimage)Gunilla Josephson

AK 47Robert Lee

Nina Sistonen