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When the time comes, you won't understand the battlefield

by Kristina Lee Podesva and Ryan Trecartin

Fillip, Mar Spring 2011, pp. 100-105

This article is an interview between Kristina Lee Podesva and Ryan Trecartin.

Trecartin begins by describing his filmmaking practice as a layered process of script-making, where the script continues to shift and is re-written with the stages of the process allowing for more open and intuitive reactions to participation, collaboration and artistic process. Podesva brings forward the notion of "radical hybridity" in Trecartin's practice as his films fluidly move between mediums without restriction. The openness of language fragments as referents to something that people experience while still being open to multiple interpretations is discussed with a selection of quotes interspersed throughout the interview. The concept of post-identity is also discussed as race, class, and gender are traversed, de-rooted and fluid. A notion of "substituting" and "swapping" is also creatively explored as Trecartin explicates, by translating for example a news story into a personality trait.

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