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The Emergence of Steina

by Gerald O'Grady

Millennium Film Journal, Spring 2012, no. 55, pp. 24-29

ISSN 10645586

Artist feature explores the work of Steina Vasulka. The author focuses on the manifestations of Steina's on-going project, Machine Vision. These works use mechanical equipment recycled from her husband Woody Vasulka's film work.

The machinery is programmed to pan, tilt, zoom and rotate the camera's view without operation by Steina. The machinery's autonomous operations of gives the effect of non-human vision. In many instances of Machine Vision the video is documented by its reflection in a spherical mirror, photos of which are shown in the article. The author describes Steina's work as collaborative interaction with the equipment that she uses.

ITEM 2012.125 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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