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My Heart

by Shawna Dempsey

Poolside, 2003, pp. 22-31

Winnipeg: Video Pool Inc., 2003

A review of My Heart, an uncurated collection of twenty one short videos screened in Winnipeg on Valentine's Day 2003. The author begins with a history of different civilizations' allotted meaning of the heart. Similarly, each artist gives different meaning to the heart in each video, which can stand alone or in relation to the others. The project to produce the series is described as ongoing and because of the open call to artists, may never be finished.

ITEM 2003.164 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

My Heart DivineWendy Coburn

My Heart the GamblerAnnie Martin

My Heart The ElectricianNikki Forrest

My Heart The OptometristNelson Henricks

My Heart The ArtistAnnie Martin

My Heart the Travel AgentWayne Yung

My Heart the MeteorologistDeborah Van Slet