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Cecelia Condit

by Mary Lucier and Cecelia Condit

New York: CUE Art Foundation, 2008

ISBN/ISSN 0-9797964-6-6

The following is from the CUE Art Foundation exhibition catalogue and includes an artist statement by Cecelia Condit.

Curator Mary Lucier highlights recurring themes in Condit's work: narration, mimicry, masks, dysfunctional families, night terrors, and the horror that often hides beneath the surface of mundane life. Using stories of capture and chase, cannibalism, murder, narcissism of youth, revenge, Condit brings to light the anxiety, fear, and unease that her women-centered stories unveil.

In her artist statement, Condit states that her work swings between macabre and humor, while addressing the dark side of female subjectivity.

ITEM 2008.199 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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