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Malcolm Le Grice No Idea

by Simon Payne

Millennium Film Journal, 2015, p. 15

Simon Payne offers a review of Malcolm Le Grice’s 2015 interdisciplinary show at the Richard Saltoun Gallery in London England which featured collage, assemblage, digitized versions of the artists past works, and new 3D video works. The author mentions how recycling footage is a main aspect of Le Grice’s practice. Payne catalogues the multiple influences and homage's paid to other artists throughout Le Grice’s work, and makes note of the artists own self-referential tendencies.

ITEM 2015.036 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Berlin HorseMalcolm Le Grice

Jasper Johns

Robert Rauschenberg

Lightbulb AssemblageMalcolm Le Grice

Pablo Picasso

Pablo's DogMalcolm Le Grice

Marcel Duchamp

After LeonardoMalcolm Le Grice

CastleMalcolm Le Grice

Keith Rowe

Franz Kafka

Little Dog for RogerMalcolm Le Grice

Marking TimeMalcolm Le Grice

MatrixMalcolm Le Grice

Where and WhenMalcolm Le Grice