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Thoughts on Shirley Clarke and the TP Videospace Troupe

by Andrew Gurian

Millennium Film Journal, 2004

Artist and author Andrew Gurian provides the reader with a heavily annotated historical account of film and video artist Shirley Clarke’s practice, inter-spliced with first-hand accounts and experiences from workshops and collaborations, offering the reader a detailed account of what Clarke’s living and working environment was like. Gurian notes that Clarke has often been omitted from history, despite her grandiose contributions to film, video and avant-garde experimentation. Clarke’s work was primarily concerned with action, documentation, motion, perception, perspective, play and experimental cross disciplinary and collaborative art making; creating an infantilizing, immersive experience for the participant.

ITEM 2004.165 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Scary TimeShirley Clarke

Portrait of JasonShirley Clarke

The ConnectionShirley Clarke

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A Radio Drama for Two T.V BallsShirley Clarke

My FatherShigeko Kubota

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Tongues and Savage/LoveShirley Clarke

The kitchenThe TP Videospace Troupe

Video ToysThe TP Videospace Troupe