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Objectivity, Absurdity, and Social Critique

by Michael Zheng

Yishu-Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art , Jan 12, 2009, v. 8.5, pp. 47-61

This interview with curator and critic Hou Hanru, was conducted by the conceptual and performance artist Michael Zheng and accompanies the show entitled “impossible! Eight Chinese Artists Engage Absurdity” which took place at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and MISSION 17 in 2009. The discussion maps the beginning of video art is China, and how similarly to the west, video art developed alongside performance art. They discuss how that it was in the mid-eighties that performance and conceptual work were introduced in China. Within this period, and following it, artists became involved with art making as protest, often challenging the propaganda art of the Cultural Revolution. They examine how contemporary works by Chinese artists and how video as medium allows for immediacy and allows for a portrayal of reality and or the creation/capturing of an alternative.

ITEM 2009.171 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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