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Anything is Possible

by Ksenia Robbe

Third Text, 2016

This text looks at the work of South African artist William Kentridge, and the Russian artist Dmitry Gutov who’s works both represent change in their countries. Robbe examines How both artists imaginings of failure and how both artists draw on the absurd, putting them in conversation with one another, the author offers close readings of two works, Dmitry Gutov’s 2006 video ‘Thaw” with Kentridge’s installation “I’m not Me, The Horse is not Mine (2008)” and looks at how the artists recent works which examine “the failures of transformation since the 1990s, placing their concerns within transnational contexts and the longue duree of history” (3).

ITEM 2016.020 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Drawings for Projection (1990s series)William Kentridge

The NoseWilliam Kentridge

I’m not Me, The Horse is not Mine (2008)William Kentridge

Thaw (2006)Dmitry Gutov

Nose 17, 2009William Kentridge

XA XA XA, (2010)William Kentridge

Nose 9 (2009)William Kentridge

Notes Towards a Model Opera (2015)William Kentridge

The Refusal of Time (2012)William Kentridge

Refuse the Hour (2015)William Kentridge

Lifshitz Institute (2004–2005)Dmitry Gutov

A Woman Teaching a Child to Walk (2009)Dmitry Gutov