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Interviews with Loretta Todd, Shelley Niro, and Patricia Deadman

by Lawrence Abbott

Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 1998, v. 28, no. 2, pp. 335-373

Brandon: Brandon University, 1998

In this piece, Lawrence Abbott interviews three Indigenous artists: Loretta Todd; Shelley Niro; and Patricia Deadman. In doing so he finds commonalities between their works; in particular, Todds and Niro attempt to create a Native aesthetic. This aesthetic is concerned with establishing an Indigenous point of view on such issues as the legacy of boarding schools, while also addressing other concerns, including the commodification of the environment. All three artists are interested in Native history, deconstructing colonist myths about Aboriginal communities, and expressing intrinsic aspects of Indigenous cultures across a variety of visual media platforms.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Forgotten WarriorsLoretta Todd

Hands of HistoryLoretta Todd

The Learning PathLoretta Todd

Voice - LifeLoretta Todd

Taking Care of Our OwnLoretta Todd

Chronicles of PrideLoretta Todd

Eagle RunLoretta Todd

Halfway HouseLoretta Todd

The Four DirectionsLoretta Todd

The Healing CircleLoretta Todd

Day Glo WrestlerLoretta Todd

Image and Self in Contemporary Native American PhotoartShelley Niro

Native Images: Native IssuesShelley Niro

Watchful Eyes: Native American Women ArtistsShelley Niro

Sense of SelfShelley Niro

Works by Shelley NiroShelley Niro

Defining Our Realities: Native American Women PhotographersShelley Niro

This Land is Mime LandShelley Niro

Mohawks in BeehivesShelley Niro

The Language of the LensShelley Niro

The Land ReservedPatricia Deadman

AlterNativePatricia Deadman

Cultural ContrastsPatricia Deadman

Preserve, ConservePatricia Deadman

Defining our RealitiesPatricia Deadman

Rephotographing the LandPatricia Deadman

No BordersPatricia Deadman

Fringe Momentum: The Photocollages of Patricia DeadmanPatricia Deadman

It Starts With a WhisperShelley Niro, Anna Gronau