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A Different Kind of Love Song: Vidding Fandom's Undercommons

by Alexis Lothian

Cinema Journal, Spring 2015, v. 54, no. 3, pp. 138-145, 155

Austin: University of Texas Press, 2015

ISSN 0009-7101

With fan-made music videos making more money for recording artists than officially produced ones, all without costing the producers a penny; fannish love has become part of industrial production. Yet, this capitalist-realist model for understanding fan creativity fails to account for many practices and collectivities that exist under the broad heading "fandom." Gianduja Kiss's 2012 vid "A Different Kind of Love Song" gathers TV and film imagery of fan practices, connecting this growing archive to extralegal content sharing. Looking to this vid enables the author to think through labor and value in terms of not only intellectual property but also transient collectives that emerge among fans themselves-forms of being together that fan creations can capture and produce, where ideas of intellectual property as the dominant culture knows them simply do not apply.

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