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Toward an ecology of vidding

by Tisha Turk and Joshua Johnson

Transformative Works and Cultures, 2012, v. 9

Organization for Transformative Works, 2012

ISSN 1941-2258

Despite the fan studies emphasis on participatory culture, much of the current work on vids (and in fan studies broadly) treats fans more as readers than as producers. To help us examine the relationships between fannish reading practices and fannish creative processes, we turn to composition studies and Marilyn Cooper's concept of an ecology of writing. We argue for an ecological model of vidding, an approach that enables us to explore the collaborative nature of vidding without erasing individual authorship; to investigate the relationships not only between vids and media texts but also between vidders and their audiences; and to treat fan conversations both as responses to mass media and as sites for the generation and circulation of interpretive conventions that guide both the creation and reception of vids.

ITEM 2012.142 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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