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An Editing Room of One's Own

by Francesca Coppa

Camera Obscura, Jan 2011, v. 26, no. 2_77, pp. 123-130

Duke University Press, 2011

ISSN 02705346

Coppa discusses vidding, a grassroots art form in which fans reedit television or film into music videos called "vids" or "fanvids." A form of video production overwhelmingly dominated by women, vidding is also one of the oldest ongoing forms of remix. Vidders typically date their art to 1975, the year that Kandy Fong, inspired by the Beatles' video for "Strawberry Fields Forever," first created a slideshow setting Star Trek outtakes to music. She says that vidding depicts several important stories about women and visual culture. One is about women and technology: women have historically taught each other to vid in local, geographically based collectives, sharing equipment, footage, and expertise. More recently, they have mentored each other online, trading technical tips and answering questions for first-time vidders.

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