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Organization for Transformative Works, 2012

Organization for Transformative Works, 2012

This article describes how different types of fan-created videos (vids) qualify for fair use copyright exemption status and argues that vidding is a legitimate artistic and culturally valuable pursuit. Various works are used as illustrative examples of transformative works and their value is broken-down into categories, including: promoting technical ability and creativity; forms of legitimate and timely cultural criticism; and forms which propose alternative readings and realities.

ITEM 2012.144 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Women’s WorkSisabet

Women’s WorkLuminosity

The PriceThings With Wings

This Is How It WorksLim

Piece of MeObsessive24



Buffy Vs. EdwardJonathan McIntosh

It Depends On What You PayGianduja Kiss

CloserT. Jonesy


“White” and Nerdytalitha78

The Testhere’s luck