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To Salvage an Archive

by Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud

Canadian Art, June 6, 2019, p. 8

An interview with Deanna Bowen, conducted by Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud. Bowen discusses where the title of the exhibition (A Harlem Nocturne) comes from within a socio-historical context. It refers to a Black-owned bar in Vancouver, but also refers to black bodies in the darkness of night. Then she discusses how she brings her family archives into the gallery spaces where the city insists there is no Black community. Furthermore, she discusses how she traces the past presence of blackness in Black entertainment and what does the show mean to Canada, the US and North America geographically and racially.

ITEM 2019.006 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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ON TRIAL The Long DoorwayDeanna Bowen

Katherine Dunham in Tropical RevueDeanna Bowen