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The Extended Scene

by Francisco-Fernando Granados

Drain, 2016, v. 13:2

Drain Mag, 2016

This essay from Drain Mag's commemorative issue on the AIDS crisis details pioneering video artist Colin Campbell (one of the founders of VTape) and the innate queerness in his works.

Drawing from theories from Judith Butler, Tim Dean and and Jean-Luc Nancy, the essay outlines Campbell's medium of video containing an intuit for things to come in the queer history such as the bathhouse raids and AIDS epidemic.

In particular, a scene in "He's a Growing Boy" where a non-sequitur scene set to "Staying Alive" where its removal from the narrative sets a precedence for a ‘point of departure for a set of historical reflections and future imaginings’ extending past the knowledge of both the audience and artist.

ITEM 2016.041 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

True/FalseColin Campbell

Modern LoveColin Campbell

Bad GirlsColin Campbell

He's a Growing Boy, She's Turning FortyColin Campbell