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"I am the colour of burnt pineapple, mango, lemon"

by Heather Rigg

C Magazine, 2019, no. 142, pp. 40-45

An interview with Toronto / Berlin based Filipino artist Stephanie Comilang and her video installation piece "Yesterday, In the Years 1886 and 2017" a "science fiction documentary" around the migration of Filipinos to Germany under the fictionalized lives of real life migrants of famed Filipino figure Jose Rizal and Lourdes Lareza Müller.

The interview covers various concepts employed in Comilang's work such as reincarnation, the real life facts of both Rizal and Müller, Filipino migration in Germany, drone work and the female voice.

ITEM 2019.010 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Yesterday, in 1886 and 2017Stephanie Comilang