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Autotheory: Hiba Ali, Madelyne Beckles, Thirza Cuthand, Andrew James Paterson, Evan Tyler, Allyson Mitchell, Deirdre Logue

by Chelsea Rozansky

C Magazine, 2019, no. 141, pp. 72-74

A review of Lauren Fournier's programme Autotheory, a collection of works that combines an autobiographical/first person perspective with philosophy. Autotheory was a co-presentation between The Horse Hospital, Ingrid Film Club and Vtape in conjunction with the RCA Writing Programme's ‘AUTO—’ conference.

ITEM 2019.012 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

AutotheoryLauren Fournier

fear, irony and curating in the 90sEvan Tyler

Theory of the Young GirlMadelyn Beckles

Postcolonial LanguageHiba Ali

Hers is Still a Dank Cave: Crawling Toward a Queer HorizonDeirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell

Art SucksMartha Wilson

Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross-Generational BarriersTJ Cuthand

The Walking PhilosopherAndrew James Paterson