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Art Toronto '80. B. A Space at 222.

by Tom Sherman, Norman Cohn and Rober Racine

Toronto: A Space (Artists Space), 1980

"Emphasizing communication, Sherman describes the specifics of installation, performance and video. Includes documentation of work by 20 Canadian artists." [Source of quoted text: artexte's online database description for the catalogue]

ITEM 1980.074 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Bruce Barber

Susan Britton

David Buchan

Colin Campbell

David Clarkson

Norman Cohn

John Greyson

Robert Hamon

Ardele Lister

Ian Murray

Andrew James Paterson

Julien Poulin

Pierre Falardeau

Randy & Berenicci

Clive Robertson

Tanya Rosenberg

Richard Shoichet

Alan Sondheim

Laura Hayes

Tom Sherman

Lisa Steele

John Watt