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Paperwait vol. 14. Contemporary Art Writing

by Alice King, Steve Bates and hannah_g

Winnipeg: aceartinc

Catalogue for 2011-2012 programming at aceart inc, an artist-run-centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The catalogue includes essays by curators and critics, in-situ photo documentation of exhibitions and events. "The programming that occurs underneath, alongside and in between the five jury-selected exhibition serves several purposes. Ace is committed to not only disseminating and supporting the work of contemporary artists but to making the work accessible to audiences. An exhibition should be seen. This doesn't mean promoting the exhibitions to our fierce art community, but also welcome and encourage non-art backgrounds to engage with contemporary art and the ideas surrounding its production and consumption. [text excerpt source: catalogue’s foreword]

ITEM 2011.131 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Claire Hodge

Steve Bates

Marigold Santos

Aston Coles

Irene Bindi

Seth Wiidtard

Rhayne Vernette

Alex King

Jeffrey Allport

Ti Olive

Crys Cole

Frank Vitale