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American Documentary Video. Subject to Change.

by Deirdre Boyle

New York City: American Federation Of Arts

Programme accompanying exhibition "American Documentary Video: Subject to Change", the "first travelling exhibition dedicated exclusively to the accomplishments of the American documentary movement, from the introduction of portable video equipment in 1965 to the present". Co-organized by the American Federation of the Arts and MOMA in New York City, the exhibition consisted of 26 videos organized into 10 programmes. The programmes and videos within each programme are arranged in rough chronological order (date of creation/completion) to demonstrate some of the different stages in documentary video's formal development, to expose some of the major themes that have preoccupied producers, and to showcase some enduring documentary classics. The programme booklet includes a two page essay by curator Deirdre Boyle, program notes, small video stills, a description and summary of each video in the program, and a description of the video and film offerings at AFA and MOMA. The ten programs presented in this travelling exhibition premiered at MOMA on November 17, 1988 and was on view until January 10, 1989.

ITEM 1988.144 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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