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Vintage Video: Early Canadian Art to 1974

by Renee Baert

Exhibition catalogue for show curated by Renee Baert, "Vintage Video". The exhibition consisted of a three-program selection of videos and installations by the first generation of Canadian video artists. Due to the range of approaches to early video, "from documentation to synaesthetic performance to structuralist to social action to 'home movies' to documentary to narrative... (a range) so extensive that the three-program selection of work cannot begin to reflect the scope of this period" [page 3 of catalogue] The catalogue contains an introduction by the curator and dedicates one page to each of the artists/artworks included in the exhibition.

Vintage Video was on view at Artculture Resource Centre from May 24 to June 14, 1986.

ITEM 1986.138 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

David Askevold

Robert Bowers

Eric Cameron

Colin Campbell

Stephen Cruise

Tom Dean

Pierre Falardeau

Gerrt Gilbert

Noel Harding

Michael Hayden

Suzy Lake

Ian Murray

Al Razutis

Lisa Steele

Frank Vitale

Doug Waterman

John Watt

Rodney Werden

Tom Burrows

Marien Lewis

Paul Wong