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In situ

by Melina Clifford and Gaetane Verna

Lennoxville: Art Gallery of Bishop's University, 2001

Retrospective catalogue which focusses on the 2000 to 2001 season at the Art Gallery of Bishop's University (AGBU). In the 2000-2001 exhibition season, AGBU's focus was on "artistic works and installations in situ". Programming discussed includes "Video Art", a continuous screening of a selection of videos by various contemporary artists.

The first screening, entitled Speaking Bodies/Corps Parlants, is a compilation of fourteen videos that explores questions such as 'to what degree does the body relate to the mouth and the mouth to the body?' or 'is the voice situated in only one part of the body?'

The second evening presentation was in two parts 'V is for Video: 1999' and 'V is for Video: Retrospective'. Since 1983, 'V is for Video' has been presenting video by students at an annual festival in Toronto. The national tour was an opportunity to show the heritage of video art featuring videos recognized within the Canadian and international artistic communities, as well as work by student artists." [Text taken from page 7 of the catalogue]

ITEM 2001.139 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Meredith Blackmore

Erinn Brush

Steve Reinke

Michael ROllo

Slavica Ceperkovic

Su Rynard

John Chung

Mike Scott

Howie Shia

Susan Fairbairn

Jonathan Inksetter

Kevin Kilpatrick

Van LaPointe

Zachery Longboy

Curtis MacDonald

Scott McGovern

Mui Shokouhi

Martin Spellerbeg

Michael Velliquette

Peter Wu

Fitsum Wegayehu

Christina Zeidler

Emmanuelle Antille

Cane CapoVolto

Michael Chevalier

Ximena Cuevas

Nikki Forrest

Anne McGuire

Monique Moumblow

Philip Napier

Keith Sanborn

Manuel Saiz

John Smith