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Nora Hutchinson at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Online

by Stephanie Vegh

Akimbo (web), 2021

The review describes the experience of viewing the online version of the Art Gallery of Hamilton exhibition Nora Hutchinson: Rebel Opera (September 19, 2020-February 3, 2021). The review talks about the shifts in the artist's work from her early works of the late 1970s to works of the late 1990s, centring the use of sound, music, voice, and changing video formats. Vegh notes the importance of Hutchinson's presence as a performer in the videos up to Opera Around the House (1987), and the subsequent shift to collaboration and the organization of multiple participants. According to Vegh, "A motif that recurs through Rebel Opera is communication across distances, from handwritten letters to games of tin-can telephone."

ITEM 2021.001 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Dick and JaneNora Hutchinson

Granny and MeNora Hutchinson

Opera Around the HouseNora Hutchinson