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Thirza Cuthand in conversation with Nicole Gingras

by Nicole Gingras

LE FIFA, 2021

In the interview with filmmaker Thirza Cuthand, Nicole Gingras questions Cuthand's filmmaking and narration style by focusing on the reality behind her work. Creating a unique voice and experimental perspective in her films, Thirza Cuthand implies that her films reflect Indigenous thinking and values as well as aspects of queer identity.

ITEM 2021.002 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Lessons In Baby Dyke TheoryTheo J. Cuthand

ReclaimationTheo J. Cuthand

My SisterTheo J. Cuthand

ExtractionsTheo J. Cuthand

Helpless Maiden Makes An "I" StatementTheo J. Cuthand

Manipulation/DictationTheo J. Cuthand

Through The Looking GlassTheo J. Cuthand

Madness in Four ActionsTheo J. Cuthand

Thirza Cuthand is an Indian Within the MeaningTheo J. Cuthand

of the Indian ActTheo J. Cuthand

HomelandsTheo J. Cuthand

AnhedoniaTheo J. Cuthand

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