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B.H. Yael: Family States

by Mike Hoolboom

Toronto: converSalon, 2021

ISBN 978-1-9991930-2-7

This anthology of short texts explores more than three decades of video productions, installations, and community projects by artist b.h. Yael. Edited by Mike Hoolboom.

Contents: INTRODUCTION, by Mike Hoolboom; YOU BELONG TO ME, by Yann Beauvais; JAIN WALKS THE LINE, by Deirdre Logue; MY MOTHER IS A DANGEROUS WOMAN, by Steve Reinke; FRESH BLOOD, by Cameron Bailey; FRESH BLOOD, by Dalia Kandiyoti; SELDOM, by Mike Hoolboom; THE LONELY LESBIAN, by Ali Kazimi; TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA, by Niko Block; THE FEAR SERIES, by b.h. Yael; EVEN IN THE DESERT, by Lia Tarachansky; DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED, by Robert Massoud; DEIR YASSIN UNREMEMBERED, by Vimeo Staff; PALESTINE TRILOGY, by Nadia Habib; TRADING THE FUTURE, by Richard Fung; READING BIL’IN IN BERLIN, by Clint Enns; LESSONS FOR POLYGAMISTS, by Dennis Day; LESSONS FOR POLYGAMISTS video, 2017, by Kerri Sakamoto; THE COLOUR OF BUTTER, by b.h. Yael; ISOLATION ABC, by Deborah Root; BDS, A LETTER TO MY TRIBE, by b.h. Yael; THE GENESIS STORY, by Brian Dedora; SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION, by Caroline Seck Langill APPROXIMATIONS: THE MISSION, by Johanna Householder; APPROXIMATIONS: DECEMBER 31, by Johanna Householder; APPROXIMATIONS: NEXT

TO LAST TANGO, by Johanna Householder; VERBATIM, by Johanna Householder; FUELLING THE FIRE OF YOUTH REBELLION, by Judy Rebick; (OF)FENCES, by John Greyson; PACTS, by Rebecca Garrett; JEWISH WOMEN’S COMMITTEE TO END THE OCCUPATION, by Amy Gottlieb; ACTION, by Judy Rebick; INTERVIEW, by Mike Hoolboom & b.h. Yael; ON THE STREETS [photographs by b.h. Yael]; WORKS AND PLEASURES [list of works]

ITEM 2021.007 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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