Critical Writing Index

Videopoetry Vol. 1

by Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc

Small Walker Press, 2020

Consisting of numerous video poems, this catalogue gives an overall understanding of LeBlanc and Dugas' intellectual creation. At the juncture of oral tradition, typography and vibrations, videopoetry is a collaborative process between a poet and an image-maker and the art of storytelling through words and moving images. In all the poems, language is generally simple and ordinary but aesthetically intellectual. In the videos, the connection between nature vs. human and human vs. objects creates a two-dimensional metaphor through the depth of visual meaning. While LeBlanc draws our attention to the uniqueness of detail and the way that ordinary objects take on altered status and meaning, Dugas asks us to consider essential truths and he does this with language.

ITEM 2020.004 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Tiempo AnticoEnrico Caruso

Homecoming, 1986

Alchemy, End of a Phase, 1987


Des vieux acadiens / Elderly Acadians, 1990

Slices of Life , 1991

Work and Love (Episode 1)

Roundabout (Episode 2)

Headlines (Episode 3)

Wish to Dream (Episode 4)

Limits (Episode 5)

Salman’s Head, 1991

The Dahmer Tape, 1992

Precious Moments in Life, 1992

In Transit, 1993

Best Case Scenario

More Data Less Light

Typhoon or Knife Wound

I Am a Blind Memo

There But For Fortune

That Frozen Instant

The Time of The Day Matters

A Dead Zone in The Journey

The Weight of The World

The Lovers’ Gesture

Principal Dancer, 2000

Pilgrim’s Progress, 2002

The Walls Have Ears, 2002

Summerquote, 2002


In Your Wildest Dreams






Easy Not Easy, 2003

Time Travel In This Moment, 2004

Greater Expectations

Ping Pong

Babbling and the Beauty of Accents


If Existence Had Wings

Life imitating Art

Futile Exercise

Identity Crisis: Medusa’s New Game

Immediacy Dominos


Le siège de leur raison

The Place of Their Spirit


Le sac / The Bag

Les bungalows / The Bungalows

Pitonner (le trafic)

The Traffic

Envelopper / To Wrap

La fin du monde / The End of the World

Danser (La banlieue) / The Suburb

Réchauffer / To Warm Up

Précipiter / To Rush

Cribler / To Riddle with Bullets

Couper / To Cut

Tomber 3 (Tomber) / To Fall


To Disappear

Couvrir / To Cover

Sursauter (Baissez-nous) / Debase Us

Animer / To Animate

Traverser (Suffire) - Suffire / Enough

Le voilier / The Sailboat

Bye Bye Three-Quarter Inch, 2004

The Renovation (also known as Ruins), 2007

Chandelier Accident, 2007

Paris grince / Paris Squeaks, 2007