Critical Writing Index

Videopoetry Vol. 2

by Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc

Small Walker Press, 2020

In the second volume of Videopoetry, Dugas and LeBlanc continue raising their voices against political and social concerns, connecting the everyday with wider issues. Both locate fault lines in our society and have mined them steadily throughout their impressive joint and parallel bodies of work. In general, their work divides into a number of areas: LeBlanc's early reflective text coupled with documentary style cityscapes, or their shared real-life footage; Dugas' political anti-developer chansonnier videopoetry; travel documentary videopoetry, and the landscape-based eco-videopoems of the more recent years. Deliberation on time and place is a constant factor in their work. LeBlanc and Dugas have developed an extensive practice, combining ethics with innovative, experimental aesthetics; documentary with personal commentary. By taking a visual, temporal, and geographic trip through their shared and separate practices, we not only reencounter the politics driving world events, but discover how creation itself develops from and through time, place and personal experience.

ITEM 2020.005 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Fashion as Pa$N, 2008

Jellyfish Philosophy, 2008

Existence : Le passé et le présent/Existence: Past and Present, 2008

They Are Outlaws, 2010

Hors la loi, 2010

What We Take With Us, 2010

Ce qu’on emporte avec nous, 2010


Red / Rouge

Animals / Animaux

Callan Park

Anxiety: Dreaming Dread / Anxiété : rêver de la peur

Goat Island

Winter’s Hold / L’emprise de l’hiver

Wagga Wagga


Endlessly / Inlassablement

Bunny Boil Over

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Walking on Water (Downunder)

MPB Was There Then, 2011

Paper Moon, Cardboard Sea, 2011

Tablets, 2011

Hublot / Porthole, 2012

Missing Parade Notes, 2012

Missing Parade Notes (français), 2012

Évanescence / Evanescencia / Evanescence, 2012

Insomnie / Insonnia / Insomnia, 2012

Glissement, 2012

Slide, 2012

Annotation, 2012

Standard of Truth, 2013

Standard de vérité, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo, 2013

The Web of Time and Memory, 2014

Si l’argent est le symbole - lumière du jour, 2014

If Money is the Symbol - daylight, 2014

Si l’argent est le symbole - feu, 2014

If Money is the Symbol - fire, 2014

Everglades (Flow: Big Waters), 2014

Monocultural Stutter, 2015

Apples and Oranges, 2015

Cultural Flotsam, 2016

Leaving São Paulo, 2016



Today is Sunday

Monday Fashion

Languages and Interpretation

Journey’s End

Impossible Colors, 2016

Red (a river)

Green (what it wanted to be)

Blue (the beeps)

Yellow (the yellows)

Illumination, 2016

In Kisii, 2016

Land of Shepherds, 2016

Sablier / Sandglass, 2017

Aequilibris, 2018

Communicate With Me, 2018

Communiquez avec moi, 2018

The Discussion, 2018

Oasis, 2018

Miami Time


Nature / Culture

Charles in the Tub

Dream 1

Dream 2

Dream 3

What Was It Like

Joe Summer

Plants and Palms

Elusive 1

Elusive 2

Inventory Reconciliation

The Shadow