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Curatorial Incubator v.15 What the F**k?1 Video in the Age of Sublime Uncertainty

by Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2018

ISBN 978-0-9867810-6-3

This edition of the Curatorial Incubator finds Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher creating a series based on the coined idea of a "crisis in democracy". This series responds to video's capability to focus on collective feeling in regard to moral scandals. The film chosen display affects that are resonant today, despite being created prior to the time they were screened in this series.

Contents: Introduction; What the F**k?! Video in the Age of Sublime Uncertainty, Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher; Just Leave Me Alone, Almudena Escobar Lopez; Medi(t)ating the Temporality of the Untimely, Masaki Kondo; Remote Preparation, Mel Day; Artificial Tears, Isabelle Lynch and Sophie Lynch; The Artists; The Curators.

ITEM 2018.014 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

SbaraLarissa Sansour

Les DocumentsCheryl Rondeau

StrettoSerena Lee

Smart BombMarnie Parrell

Here is EverythingEmily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby

AqtuqsiMary Kunuk

KhNahed Mansour

disruption (aksama)belit sağ

Push/Pull/RecoverTerra Jean Long

CastawayIsabelle Hayeur

Fragonard's Swing (Miss La La; Hung Out to Dry)Lisa Birke

A Time to DwellKatherine Jerkovic

Falling Among CedarsCarolyn Doucette

LantouyIsabelle Spengler & Daniel Adams

The EndSteven Eastwood

Romance in ChinaSuzanne Caines

AdvocateJeremiah Barber

Escape RaftAngela Willets

Star Wars Trash Compactor SceneZoe Leigh Hopkins

Women Down Prospect, Final ReportAriella Pahlke

A Cold Night in FebruaryYudi Sewraj

Item NumberOliver Hussain

Neapolitan, (excerpt, without installation)Nao Bustamante

MaryKent Monkman

The Natural Life of MermaidsThe Holiday Movie Initiative

The Big SceneTova Mozard