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Aboriginal Digital Access Project

by John G. Hampton and Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2012

VTape's Aboriginal Digital Access Project was founded by Deirdre Logue and Chris Gehman to make the work of Indigenous artists more accessible to the public. Unsettling Sex is the first public outcome of this program, where John G Hampton was invited to create a programme of these works of his own.

This programme offers an in-depth look into Indigenous sexualities through the work of Kent Monkman, Jams Diamond, Marnie Parrell and Ariel Smith. The aim of this programme is to bring to the surface the fruitful and underdeveloped area of indigenous sexualities in artistic exploration.


VTape's Aboriginal Digital Access Project Introduction

Unsettling Sex, John G. Hampton; Kent Monkman; James Diamond; Marnie Parrell; Ariel Smith; Program Notes; Biographies.

ITEM 2012.146 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Exposed: Aesthetics of Aboriginal Erotic ArtLee Ann-Martin

Dance to Miss ChiefKent Monkman

Mars-Womb-ManJames Diamond

I am the art scene starring Woman PolanskiJames Diamond

About TownMarnie Parrell

Dear DiaryAriel Smith

Target GirlsAriel Smith

Home of the BravePaul Chaat