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Suspicious Futures: Selected Video Works of Susan Britton

by Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2011

ISBN 978-0-9867810-0-1

This publication, produced in conjunction with Vtape's annual Curatorial Incubator focuses on the work of Susan Britton, a founder of Vtape and video artist whose work was, at the time, out of distribution for almost 15 years.

Allison Collins, the curator, has pieced together a programme of Britton's expansive work that reflects on our relationship with changing technologies ahead of our futures.




Susan Britton: The Lure of the World;

Curatorial Programme;

Susan Britton Videography;

Susan Britton Chronology.

ITEM 2011.134 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Love HurtsSusan Britton

Why I Hate Communism No. 1Susan Britton

Standard Format No. 1 Da-Da Go-GoSusan Britton

Freeze FrameSusan Britton

Rent DueSusan Britton

1984Susan Britton

Casting CallSusan Britton

Tutti QuantiSusan Britton

SusanSusan Britton

I'm Okay, You're OkaySusan Britton

In the MoodSusan Britton

Edge CitySusan Britton

vide ordureSusan Britton

What Does Alienated Labour Mean to You?Susan Britton

TangoSusan Britton

Don't Get CuteSusan Britton

InterferenceSusan Britton

...And a WomanSusan Britton

Lightbulb Goes OutSusan Britton

Message to ChinaSusan Britton

Up-Down StrangeSusan Britton

The International BandSusan Britton

RustSusan Britton

CountdownSusan Britton

Weightless and FearlessSusan Britton

Interactive ChristineSusan Britton

D TrainSusan Britton

Art and TelecommunicationsSusan Britton

You, You're the OneSusan Britton

The Business of America is a BusinessSusan Britton