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Curatorial Incubator v.6: The Dark Arts: Magic + Intuition

by Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2009

ISBN 978-0-9734831-7-8

This edition of The Curatorial Incubator sifts through the archives for surreal cinema, the ones about voodoo, and address the unknown.

Darryl Banks' programme and essay approaches hoaxes as acts of the paranormal. Erik Martinson's programme and essay reflects on the dynamics between parents and their children. Leigh Fisher's programme and essay draws inspiration from Andre Breton and challenges the experience of disbelief "that is constantly suspended only to appear again". Matthew Hyland's programme and essay questions the gendered nature of the uncanny.

Contents: Introduction; Darryl Bank, trickx of light, Erik Martinson, where the wild things are; Leigh Fisher, marvelous! ruin! collapse!; Matthew Hyland, life on venus; Artists and Curators Biographical Information.

ITEM 2009.177 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

trickx of lightDarryl Bank

where the wild things areErik Martinson

marvelous! ruin! collapse!Leigh Fisher

life on venusMatthew Hyland

The Dead Weight of a Quarrel HangsWalid Ra'ad

Dorothy DunbarGretchen Sankey

Memory InversionLynne Kirby & Erika Suderburg

Who's Listening 5Tseng Yu-Chin

five more minutesDena DeCola and Karin E. Wandner

ParenthesisMary J. Daniel

Light Work IJennifer Reeves

The Watermelon BoxSteve Reinke

Family PlanningSteve Reinke

Supposed ToAleesa Cohene

Magical ThinkingMichael Stecky

Le TournisGwenaël Bélanger

Semiotics of the KitchenMartha Rosler

SHARONY!Jennet Thomas


Me/We, Okay, GrayEija-Liisa Ahtila

Whispering Pines 8Shana Moulton

EclipseDeirdre Logue

LassoSalla Tykkä