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Curatorial Incubator v.5: What's Up Doc? Video and Animation

by Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2008

ISBN 978-0-9734831-4-7

This edition of The Curatorial Incubator focuses on the physical medium and the contextualization of animation. The programmes dive into development, interplay between the new and old, the warping of genre through depicting "realness", physical interaction with the medium and a focus on the history of the "original copy".

Contents: Introduction, Video in the Age of the Re-Animator; Jacob Korczynski, Search and Deploy; Jean-Paul Kelly, Drawn in from Without; Robin Armstrong, Recode; Gabby Moser, Animator Statement; Brett Kashmere, That Reminds me of Something...Obscured Referents, Approximate Indices & Counter-Archival Practice; Artists & Curators.c

ITEM 2008.204 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Search and DeployJacob Korczynski

HellArdele Lister

Fiets (Bicycles)Robert Hamilton

Damned and ForgivenAndrew James Paterson

[/]Jowita Kepa

Drawn in from WithoutJean-Paul Kelly

Haysha RoykoMiranda July

Before Letting Go (from The October Tapes)Tom Sherman

WithdrawalGeorge Barber

Regarding in Pain of Susan SontagSteve Reinke

Death MaskJonathan Culp

FilmKaty Shepherd

Robin ArmstrongRecode

My Trip to Liberty CityJim Munroe

Japanese Driving GameCory Archangel

C'etait un RendezvousClaude Lelouch

Apollo Shrapnel ITasman Richardson

Animator StatementGabby Moser

Artist StatementDaniel Barrow

God Bless AmericaTadasu Takamine

The BeastZeesy Powers

Video Paint 3.0Jeremy Bailey

That Reminds me of Something... Obscured Referents, Approximate Indices & Counter Archival PracticeBrett Kashmere

Ask the InsectsSteve Reinke

The Quick and the DeadStephen Andrews

Box OfficeJenny Perlin

Evil.5 (Grin & Bear)Tony Cokes

Stranger Comes to TownJacqueline Goss

How to Escape From Stress BoxesPaper Rad