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WRITING ABOUT HEARING VIDEO: An experiment in archival research, exhibiting video art, and curatorial writing

by Lewis Kaye

Toronto: Vtape, 2019

Hearing Video, curated by Lewis Kaye, is a large research experiment in exhibiting video art and curatorial writing. Kaye documents in great detail, through notes and critical writing the process in which he selects from the VTape catalogue during his residency.

Lewis Kaye dissects the multiple approaches taken to source, preview, note-take, select and prepare an exhibition of video works that when played together creates an overwhelming, looming soundscape within the Commons presentation space.


Introduction: On the Idea of Writing as Conversing About Hearing as Seeing; Part I - Reflections on Our Conversations;

Part II - An Interconnected Set of Conversations;

Conversation Between Myself as Curator and the Artists;

A Conversation Between The Artists and Their Works;

A Conversation Between Myself and The Community/Public.

ITEM 2019.023 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

WRITING ABOUT HEARING VIDEO: An experiment in archival research, exhibiting video art, and curatorial writingLewis Kaye

Nikamowin (Song)Kevin Lee Burton

This is Your Messiah SpeakingVera Frenkel

The Enigma of S.A.P.Andrew James Paterson

Speaker SwingingGordon Monahan

Looking Back To SeeSarah Abbott

Scene of the ScreenCalla Durose-Moya

Long Aeolian PianoGordon Monahan

A Typical Morning For Green and BlueAndrew J. Paterson

Power PlayThe Hummer Sisters

2510037901Steve Loft

The Silence That SilencesRonald and Donald Kinney

Rectangular WorldAndrew J. Paterson

Aural FixationHelen Spitzer

Untitled (Score)Nelson Henricks and Jackie Gallant

So Much I Want To SayMona Hatoum

USB Flash DriveTom Sherman

The Films of David AskevoldDavid Askevold

Within Dialogue (Silence)Su Rynard

Sound of SilverwareEva Teppe

Venus HeddaGunilla Josephson (and Eve Egoyan)

On the Brink of SoundSarah Vermette

Impossible LandscapesLeslie Peters & Dara Gellman

Looking Back To SeeSarah Abbott

AuslanderKarma Clarke Davis

RugSarah Abbott

CountdownSusan Britton

LokhalleAnna Peak

SireneFreya Hattenberger