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Tranz<->Tech 1999 Catalogue

Toronto: Vtape, 1999

Tranz<->Tech was the first International Biennal of video art in Toronto. Established in 1999, the festival sprung to life from the ambitions of local curators to bring international work to the city.

Contents: Introduction; Schedule; Emotional Cities, curated by Stefan St-Laurent; Recent Emerging Canadian Video, curated by VVV - Dara Gellman & Leslie Peters; Video From Scotland, curated by Nikki Forest; Cane CapoVolto: An Introduction to the Group by Nelson Henricks; Cane CapoVolto by Cane CapoVolto; The Plagium Video Project; 4 Zones of Emergence; Beyond Geography, curated and presented by Sheila Urbanoski; Projected Performances, screening and talk by Japanese Video/Performance Artist Tadasu Takamine; The Recording Messenger, curated by VVV - Dara Gellman and Leslie Peters; Couples, curated by Jan Shuijren; Appropriate Behaviours, curated by Lisa Steele; Installations; The Curators

ITEM 1999.112 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

PerfectAnna Adahl

The DanceAnna Adhal

Aki IkemuraUntitled

La Vie En RoseGie-Hee Cheng

De la seduction (Some Seduction)Valerie Pavia

PortraitGabriele Sparwasser

C'etait une histoire (It Was A Story)Tali Hinkis

Je Reviens Bientot (I'm Coming Back Soon)Yael Feldman

No TitleLuanne Tay

Pracitising ThoughtsFabrizio Manco

Contemporary ArtSzuper Gallery

GermTasman Richardson

RaysMichael Dossev

Far ReachesShawn Chappelle

Musick of the SpheresJubal Brown

SuperKarma Clarke Davis

Casual TeaPatrick Wong

Noisy Take OffCurtis MacDonald

Born Under SurveillanceChris MacKensie and Paul Wong

LeavesJohn Chung

OzonePeter Gmehling

Table for NineKevin Kilpatrick

Tea for TwoKevin Kilpatrick

CollapseTasman Richardson

StreetHolger Mohaupt

Tallow, Gelatin and SemenHolger Mohaupt

Kilmany BlueHolger Mohaupt

FallHolger Mohaupt

DriverAnne-Marie Copestake

HidingAnne-Marie Copestake

UntitledKaren Dickson

JetsamAlan Currall

SulkyAlan Currall

UntitledClara Ursitti

Pheromone LinkClara Ursitti

A Short Film About (Pigeon) LoveMichelle Lazemby

Eagle EyeMandy McIntosh

Donkey SkinMandy McIntosh

Plagium 10: Evil and Pop CultureClaudette Lemay

Plagium 9: F For Fake: The Black SunVincent Delmas

Plagium 12: Howling Sinister FascismIsabelle Hayeur

Plagium 16: Inside Roman Polanski's "Knife in the Water"Olga Caraman

En Rond-Rond-Rond...Alfredo Salomon

Ligne BleueMarie-Helene Parant

TraverseLeslie Peters

The Colour of SoundRobin Dupuis

Simulacra 1.1Laetitia Bourget

HayCiprian Dragan

401:01Anne-Marie Bouchard

FuitePekka Sassi

Manipuler Son CorpsJoanna Empain

UntitledJulie Christine Fortier

Traverses Phase 2: InterferencesEric Gagnon

Still LifeSebastien Pesot

Mareddie d

ShiftA.P. Komen & Karen Murphy

18-2Jeroen Kooijmans

ParadoxaWim Liebrand

PoemsCaitlin Hulscher

Mr. PussyLieselot IJsendoorn

PIlotBart Dijkman

Lieber PappaWin Liebrand

PassengersA.P. Komen

Passageeddie d

FreezingKarin Bosch

MotelMark Bain

Couples #1: The CarCaitlin Hulscher

The First, The Second, The EndRene Beekman

Turtle TapeMark Bain

In StabilitiesJ. Wood & P. Harrison

Ma TeteAnders Thoren

PreludeBart Dijkman

The Recording MessengerJens Lien

3 LeggedPieter Baan Muller

Sugar DadMartin Takken

Observation #762Hanspeter Amman

Making FacesAlicia Framis

Scouting The BackyardRobert Arnold

Two SeagullsPeter Stel

CoupleColin Campbell

Apart TogetherGunilla Josephson

Morphology of DesireDana Claxton

Look at MeHowie Shia

Deja VuJubal Brown

(Loco)motiveSteve Reinke

Buffalo Bone ChinaDara Gellman

Downcast EyesLeslie Peters

Riot 98Jeroen Kooijmans

FireballLouise Liliefeldt

Alien KissesLeslie Peters

Cheatin' HeartKarma Clarke-Davis

WorkBertrand Lamarche



Tsunami My Love...