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Tranz<->Tech: The Toronto International Video Art Biennal 2001

by Lisa Steele

Toronto: Vtape, 2001

This catalogue was made for the second iteration of the Tranz<->Tech International Video Art Biennal in Toronto. The collection in 2001 consisted of 17 participants as opposed to the 4 core groups of the initial Biennal. This years edition offered local audiences artists and exhibitions that would not have been available to them in the past. Single channel video remained at the core of the Biennal's efforts to exhibit the important work being done in video art. The rest of the programme contains music and audio performances, live-chat events and student workshops.

Contents: Introduction; Screams/Whispers, a Charles Street Video Project; Crossing Over, co-curared by Iliyana Nedkova and Nina Czegledy; Creeped Out, curated by Lisa Steele; Tranz>Sex>Tech, a Trinity Square Video Residency; The Story in 6 Parts, curated by Bill Huffman; Recent Belgian Video; The Irresponsible Truth, curated by Jeremy Rigsby; Miranda July, a co-presentation of Pleasure Done, Mercer Union and Artcite/House of Toast; Mettachine, interactive on-line performance by Louise McKissick; Schedule; F2F: Finnish New Media Art; My Lips Are Sealed, an installation by Leslie Peters; Sub/Extros and Half/Lives, Vidsonic tracks by Tom Sherman; Videocentric, curated by VVV; Angel Dust, a video presentation by Jeremy Blake; The Boy Scout Soldier, a video installation by Cate Elwes; Empire Line, a video installation by Antonia Hirsch; One Broke, mixed media installation by Cynthia Lickers; Hebergement/Hosting, an on-line installation by Patrick Bernier; Minor Star, curated by Nelson Henricks; Light Structures, curated by Dryden Goodwin; PHH!K: "Thereministahs"; Array_1, presented by Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre; Escaping The Vacuum: New Means & New Tools For A New Breed of Video Artist; Participating Organizations.

ITEM 2001.141 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Bird Calls for TorontoBill Burns

A guide to the quiet spots of the Latvian HouseDuncan Macdonald

The CallMillie Chen

SweatReena Katz

Streams of WhispersDarren Copeland

How Do You Too...Luchezar Boyadjiev

Guia RigvavaFrau Zinocker

Places of DifferenceChris Speed

Tele-BrowsingLevente Sipos

Good Morning CallPaul Rooney

DannyAndrea Lansley

OctopusKinga Araya

BeelineAnne-Marie Copestake

Vertical JourneyOksana Chepelyk

The ListSamantha Harrie

17 StoriesLala Rascic

Romance/The CommercialPhil Collins

X-PatriotismStephen Foster

Bang BangLibby Hague

AbscessAleesa Cohene

The Up and the DownKika Thorne

PaintingTricia Middleton and Joel Taylor

ClaimsCheryl Rondeau

LotLeslie Peters

Architecture of DoomTasman Richardson

WarJubal Brown

Amsterdam Camera VacationSteve Reinke

Fig TreesJohn Greyson

PenetrationLeif Harmsen

Next To the Last TangoJohanna Householder

The Trinity SessionIstvan Kantor

Search and ExposeSimone Moir and Chantal Rousseau

Guy's Night InJohannes Zits

Drive-Thru DelightsMercedes Cueto

Goat LoveGino Cacciotti

HomeMaureen Clement

The Landscape of FearAndrea Laberge and Rob Saccetto

The Urban Hiker: Thinking Out LoudLori Paradis

Young Forest Goes UndergroundSelina Mullins

Four Dollar IndiansDarlene Naponse

Lost NationJohan Grimonprez

Scrub Solo 1: SolonelinessAntonin De Bemels

FileKurt D'Haeseleer

Shameless Transmission of Desired Transformations Per DayMahmoud Hojeij

MamaOksana Auruskeviciene

Malee and the BoyApitchatpong Weerasethakul

AtlantaMiranda July

The AmateuristMiranda July

Nest of TensMiranda July

Getting Stronger Every DayMiranda July

Kiri no uta (Mist Song)Atsushi Ogata

Electronic Sunset 21Jane Wright

The Great EscapeJeroen Offerman

VertigeIsabelle Hayeur

SantoraJurgen Moritz and Norbert Pfaffenbichler

MonsterCath Prior

Wouldn't it be niceEmmanuelle Antille

BlackoutMichael Maziere

The Ballad of Dan PeoplesLisa Steele

VolcanoCurtis MacDonald

Public EnemyMarx Kruis

Shopping SessionPascal Grandmaison and Patrick Pellerin

Sweet or Salty (Madonna's Poor Days)Ana Rewakowicz

This Narrative Is Killing MeDennis Day

Rock SessionPascal Grandmaison and Patrick Pellerin

Happy Fake (Surface Sourire)Sylvie Cotton

Femme Fatale (One)Chang Wan Wee

Confession Project (Two)Nessa Palmer

I Do Not Like To Repeat MyselfAdam Traynor

SnowfarmSheridan Shindruk

Three Short Videos On PrecisionVladimir Mindek

Jus SessionPascal Grandmaison and Patrick Pellerin

Les Aventures de PonygirlAnne Golden

Sunday AfternoonMichelle Williams

CloserDryden Goodwin

After - Made for TVMark Lewis

River SkyGeorge Barber

BlackoutMichael Maziere

StillMaibritt Rangstrup